Day of Judgment

“The sky was on fire, burning like eternal hell. The air was heavy, with every breath you could feel the smell of unavoidable judgment… Oh, and deep within ourselves we knew. We knew, that we were guilty and that we deserve the apocalypse. There are no words in which you could express the feeling we had back them, standing face to face with God and his wraith.
Whole body was full of fear, every muscle and every nerve. Yes… The sky was on fire… there was nowhere to run. We were standing completely hopeless, facing our doom. Then the verdict came, and fire from the sky came down upon us as meteor after meteor was hitting the ground with unimaginable power.
Humans are proud and arrogant, that is in our nature… Once we saw what happened that day, everything changed. There was no pride left, no arrogance… Yes… Cruel was our punishment.

Humanity shattered by the meteor rains called The Day of Judgment finally followed the words of priest of The One, technological God. United by the Chapter they rose up from ashes and created seven cities, called Refuges, to be their shelter in the destroyed and harsh world.

Meteors left not only havoc and destruction, but also blue crystals that turned out to be an incredible and unlimited source of power. Chapter very fast learned how to use them to their favor and an age of unpreceded technological development have begun.

For few decades mankind has experienced a Golden Era – Refuges turned into huge autonomic metropolies connected by the railroad network. Even thou there were a lot of problems with pollution of the world after the cataclysm – the population flourished. And then, everything changed….


“We are conquerors of worlds, spreading across planets, consuming life spam after life spam. You can fight us, but you will not win with us. We, as a race, have travelled across eternity, faced foes beyond your imagination and conquered each and every one of them. You think that your funny God can save you? We had stumbled upon him before. No weapon forged against us will work, no army will stand in our way. Our castes will torn you apart – city after city, soldier after soldier.

Your resistance is futile, but yes, fight! Fight like this would be the last day of your existence, the end of times.” – Brute Caste champion

It turned out that crystals were not the only thing left by meteors – deep in the craters small portals had been laying hidden, waiting patiently. Once the Demons emerged from them, an invasion that flooded the land begun.

Conquerors of worlds – like Demons call themselves, are divided into 3 castes, each very different in the methods of combat as well as overall code of conduct: Intelligence cast, leading the whole forces, Terror cast, spreading fear among foes and Brute cast, dedicated to martial prowess and art of war. Demons believe themselves to be the strongest race and their conquest is just a natural order of things – they take world after world and use all the resources it can provide.

At first, it was not even a fight – it was a slaughter, perfect invasion plan executed step by step without a fail. After some time Chapter was able to produce military technology that made the fight possible – but even aided by the powerful Angels of Death, believed to be the avatars of The One himself. Humans were adapting, developing new deathly technologies in the haste never seen before – but even with all of their efforts, the Demons were still progressing.

When all seemed like another World is done for and bound for being conquered, a certain event took place, which was not expected by Demons or by anyone else…

Faceless creation

After one of the bloody battles, from the human flesh pierced by the crystal a new being came to be. Neither human, nor machine – a creature that started feast on the battlefield implementing both flesh and mechanical parts, constantly evolving. Faceless creatures, without soul, emotion or mind – wandering through land and consuming everything on their way.

They began to spread without any control and even if at first ignored by both Demons and Chapter, at one point they became a force that changed the whole face of conflict and broke the Demon invasion under the walls of Eld-Hain, the first human refuge that was about to fall.
All the communication attempts with them failed so far. In addition to that they seem to move in totally chaotic way with only three goals: fighting, devouring and evolving.

At this point the world of The Edge is torn apart by constant conflict between the three races and the humanity is struggling to survive. As the time past, new disturbing anomalies are appearing…