The Edge is an ambitious, long-term project started by people behind Awaken Realms – one of the world’s biggest painting studio. After spending tons of times on painting various miniatures we finally decided to use all our experience and knowledge and take things to the next level.

Doing our own universe and a miniature game placed in it was always our great ambition and one day we decided to finally start bringing our vision into reality. The Edge project you are currently looking at took a lot of sleepless nights, great effort and tons of coffee – but left a feeling of fulfillment and pride. We are more than happy to show you fruits of our work and we deeply hope you will enjoy this world as much as we did while creating it!

The Edge

One of the most important factor that differs The Edge from other miniature projects nowadays is that The Edge is planned to be standalone universe with long term plan in mind. We are keeping consistency in all our miniatures and story. We are dedicated to create great universe with a compelling story and grim, steam-punk environment, supported by well-thought and fun to play mechanics and best quality models.

In our universe we wanted to combine steam-punk elements with heavy post-apocalyptic fell and in this way create an unique atmosphere inspired by various aesthetics. The Edge is targeted for the mature audience – we want to create complex and dark story that will engage players into this torn apart world.


It all started when two friends – Marcin and Adrian (known as Medows) decided to leave a corporate world and follow their passion. Since then we created from scratch Awaken Realms studio and gathered a team of creative people enjoying art as well as miniature wargaming at different levels.

Although passion and inspiration are our core values, we deeply believe that to bring our vision to life hard work and fully professional approach is essential. Given our business education and earlier experience in big companies - you can expect from us highest business standards and we will do everything to exceed them. In order to bring The Edge into life we are co-operating with very talented and passionate 2D and 3D artists. All of them have left a part of themselves in their work and helped us to create highest quality models.


We believe that doing any business activity comes with creating value for our customers and above all, we have chosen three of them, that lays fundamentals on our work.

PASSION - We strongly believe that passion is a necessity in our lives. It motivates in everyday activities and encourage to aim for perfection. Sharing this passion is a great happiness but also responsibility that we are ready to honor.

COMMUNITY - This great hobby is also a group of people with similar values and ways of spending their free time. We are happy to be the part of this community, and as such, we would like to bring value to all the miniature figures hobbyists.

INSPIRATION - Our work is driven by constant inspiration. We are sure, that using imagination and diving into fantasy worlds brings forgotten colors to our reality. Heaving said that, our purpose is to transfer our inspiration and bring it to our customers.

Kickstarter: March 2015

We have been working on The Edge project for half a year putting in it all our time and resources. Now we will be finally be able to get our work available for you at Kickstarter in March. Although there is ton of work ahead of us, we are very excited on how people will react to The Edge.

This Kickstarter campaign will be a test of a kind on how people will react to our work – but we are thinking about The Edge as a long term universe that we will be developing throughout next few years.

If you like our work and want to support us – please, share it with your friends, March is coming!